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I was born a month after Sputnik was launched...Space, science, and things mechanical were always interests during my childhood. My parents were both pilots. My sister and I were exposed to a variety of interests and cultures.I was raised near San Antonio but left Texas when I entered MIT at age 17. During my college years I was smitten with climbing, majored in Organic Chemistry under GM Whitesides, rowed varsity heavy wt crew, ski jumped a season for the ski team, and developed an interest in medicine during my Junior Year after an Expedition that made the 2nd Ascent of Mt McKinley's East Buttress. I returned to Texas for my Medical Degree and then did a Residency in Orthopaedic Surgery in the U of Colorado system. I was awarded a fellowship that allowed me to study Musculoskeletal Trauma in Germany and Switzerland. I have benefited from a variety of free thinkers during my education-JS Miles, Bernd Claudi, Stephan Perran to name a few! Since 1990, I have been in an Orthopaedic Practice in Colorado Springs. Click on the thumbnails for the kid's pages:
Rick, Kathy, Elisabeth, Erich, and Peter Meinig
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