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Family Portrait- Garden of the Gods Fall 2002
Erich with Shasta the sled dog 2001
Family in Sitka, Alaska 2003
Siberian Husky- Ch. Manitou's Alpen Devil of Kaila
Siberian Husky-Ch. Manitou's Dersu of Kaila
Siberian Husky- Ch. Manitou's Shasta
Kids and Sled Dogs
Baton Rouge, Thanksgiving 2003
Gaggia Coffee Machine!
Winter Sports!
Christmas Holidays 2003
Family Meteorite
Redstone Sled Dog Races 2004
Monarch Pass Cat Skiing 2004
MIT 25 th Reunion 2004
Germany Meinig Wedding 1927
Family Portrait-Summit County Spring 2005
Feiler Family Portrait Spring 2005
Winter 2005-2006
Galapagos Islands 2007