My affinity for good coffee began in the mid 1970's with late night forays to the coffee houses in Harvard Square or Boston's North End. My mother found this gorgeous machine in a defunct restaraunt in San Antonio in the 1980's (remember this is Texas, and pre Starbuck's!). After nearly 4 years of haggling on a price--I became the owner of a very LARGE coffee machine. I spent several months restoring the machine--the coffee press consists of a tall stack of 200+ filter paper sheets that act as a gasket/piston . The press had dried out from disuse and the fittings were corroded...I found a nice Italian Importer in NYC who obtained parts....The machine is early 60's vintage of a design that is classic..In 2007, I restored a Rancilio Z9 of early 80's vintage. The Z9 features an electronic pump and switches to produce a fine espresso shot!