Before Outdoor Life Network, Outside Magazine covers, sport climbing gyms, and corporate sponsorships, climbers were an obscure lot of humanity....some were life long "climbing bums" living at the truest subsistence level and some were like myself--intensely but briefly commited to the rigors and spiritual qualities of climbing and alpinism before moving onto other phases in life ...."summit or plummit" was a credo, clean ecological style mattered a great deal, and the climbing culture vibrantly thrived in places like North Conway, Yosemite, Boulder, the Tetons, and Chamonix....The values and friendships formed during this period (ca 1974-1984) remain core essentials even today....I enjoy these pictures!!!
Tim Ryan-"a wild and crazy guy" on the summit
of the Matterhorn-1980
Don "we're goin' to die" Fraser on Whitehorse Ledge, NH-1979
Ken Andrasko-we've had enough espresso now, but perhaps we didn't bring enough red wine... Maine, 1983
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