Saturn Gallery
January 2003. Astrophysics 152 f/12 APO refractor with MaxView 40 mm eyepiece projection and Olympus C2500.
Even with the unsteady air of Colorado's mountainsides, Saturn remains a wonderous sight. Saturn is one of the Solar System's "gas giants" consisting mainly of hydrogen and helium. With a gravity of 0.7g/ml, Saturn would float in water...The rings consist largely of ice particles. Through the telescope, cloud bands and divisions within the ring are the visual challenges. In 2004, the Cassini Space Probe will visit Saturn. More photos to follow in winter 2004 as the rings are favorably angled for viewing
January 11, 2004. Brandon 130 f/8 with 2X and 5X TV barlows. Canon 10D. Stack of 9 exposures. Seeing 3/5.
March 2005. Brandon 130 f/8 with 3x Barlow. Celestron NexImage. A stack of 650 video frames on a 2/5 seeing night. The stacking technique is ideal for the turbulent seeing we have in the Colorado Front Range. With more barlow power or the AP 152 f/12, a larger image will be obtained.....
April 1, 2005. Brandon 130 f/8 with TV 5x barlow and Celestron NexImage. Seeing was a 3/5 night.