M20 The Trifid Nebula or the "Clover Nebula". Towards the center of the milkyway above the spout of the "tea kettle" of Sagittarius , there is a near infinity of stars and nebulae for the summer star gazer. These objects are impressive in binoculars as well as to the naked eye from a dark site. Among the objects you'll stumble onto is the Trifid Nebula which is some 5000 light years away . The Trifid is an emission and reflection nebula where the pinkish glow is hydrogen HII that is illuminated by ultraviolet light from newly formed stars. The blue nebula is dust reflecting light. Photo is a stack of 23x 1 minute exposures with a Pentax 105SHDF refractor and Canon 10D taken in Summit County, CO during August 2004