Left: M103 Open Star Cluster in Cassiopeia. Located 8,100 light years from Earth in the circumpolar constellation of Cassiopeia " the Queen" which looks like a large "m" or "w". This is one of 5 open clusters in this part of the sky. To many observers it resembles a christmas tree. Summit County, Jan 24, 04. Canon 10D, Pentax 105 SHDF APO refractor. Right: NGC 2264 Open Cluster with Nebula. Located in the rather indistinct constellation Monoceros near Gemini and Orion, this cluster is frequently referred to as the "Christmas Tree Cluster". At the apex of the tree one begins to see the dark "cone nebula". The left base has a fairly bright emmsion nebula. Canon 10D, Brandon 130 f/8 apo with IDAS light pollution filter, Co Springs, Jan 2006.