Jupiter Gallery
While Colorado has many clear nights, the atmospherer is frequently unsteady due to the nearby mountains or the overhead jetstream. Some nights it like looking through moving water!! However, Jupiter is always a visual delight with its cloud bands, Great Red Spot, and everchanging position of its 4 largest moons. Jupiter is the solar system's 5th and largest planet--some 318x the mass of the earth. Jupiter is largely made of hydrogen, helium, and traces of ammonia, methane and water... It is thought that liquid water exists on the Jovian moon Europa so pehaps this is the most favorable extraterrestial spot for life......I'll add photos as I take them!
March 04, AP 152 at f/60, Canon 10D
March 28, 04 AP 152 at f/60
Canon 10D. Transit shadows of
2 moons with exiting moon on right limb
Jupiter April 02, 04. Great Red Spot near
central meridian and moon Europa near the
Left limb. Brandon 130,f/40, NexImage videocam
April 07,05. Brandon 130 f/40,NexImage
Europa transiting at R lower and GRS R upper
Jupiter May 19, 05 with moon on the left and "bar"
in equatorial band, AP 152 at f/36
Jupiter, May 27, 2005 at 9:35P and 11:10PM, Left :GRS at left limb and moon Io, Right: GRS near cental meridian. AP 152 at f/36, Seeing 2+/5
June 06. 2005,1130PM