M97 the "Owl Nebula" and M108 an edge-on spiral galaxy lie at the botom of the bowl of the "Big Dipper" Both objects require dark skies to see. M108 is sometimes described as a cigar. It is a spiral galaxy seen 7 1/2 degrees from edge on and is similar to the "Sombrero" galaxy (M104) in the constellation of Virgo. The blue nebula in the upper right side is the "Owl" nebula- a planetary nebula with a white dwarf star at its heart. Planetary nebulas are referred to as "planetary" due to their small faint disc like appearance to the astronomers of the 18th century. A planetary nebula results from the glowing gas belches of a star 6-8 solar masses that is contracting and forming a white dwarf star. The Ring Nebula (M57) in Lyra is perhaps the easiest planetary nebula to see during a dark summer night.