(L) Colorado Springs Observatory: Astrohaven Dome, Takahashi EM200 TEMMA mount, Brandon 130 APO f/8 (Roland Christen triplet refurbished winter 2003) or AP 178 Starfire APO f/9 (pictured)

(M) CSO with Pentax 105 SHDF f/6.7 APO refractor with STV autoguider and Canon 10D

(R) Quandary Peak Observatory: Galactica Dome, Takahashi NJP TEMMA mount, Celestron C11 f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain in tandem with Pentax 105 SHDF f/6.7 APO refractor or AP 178 f/9 solo. Located at 10,200 feet with dark but frequently cold skies!

Photographic Equipment: Nikon F body, Canon 10D digital SLR, Starlight Express MX5C ccd camera, ITE video planetarycam, Celestron NexImage planetary video, SBIG STV.